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Kaba Lamp 02
Kaba Lamp 02

Kaba Lamp 02

KABA lamps are handcrafted lamps made of an iron frame and cotton yarn.

KABA lamps are hand-woven individually - one by one. It’s a process that takes  time - but it’s absolutely worth it. The making of each lamp is a sort of meditation. The idea of making lamps that take such a long time is in total contrast with todays trend of having everything quickly. It is the will to make something that is real, something that you can actually touch with your hands. A lamp, a real thing. 

The shape of the frames and the colour combinations recall a vintage atmosphere/design.

Each lamp is unique and can be made of infinite variations, playing with colours and shapes.

Why the name KABA? These lamps were conceived in Bali and it’s a tribute to the village of Kaba-Kaba where time seems to have stopped.

Instagram: @kabalamps

400mmW x 230mmD x 240mmH